Kreatur UI CM11/PA Theme

Kreatur UI CM11/PA Theme

(160 ratings)

Appears in 4 channels

  • Downloads:
    1,000 - 5,000
  • Last update
    Aug 14, 2014


Please read very carefully below, if you do not understand what any of this means, don’t buy it. If you don't have any of the required roms installed, please do that first before buying.

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• Cyanogenmod 11 (Latest Nightly)
• Paranoid Android 4.42+

Other ROMs will not get support so if you’re on another rom, when purchasing, make sure you’re okay with that. Please don’t leave a bad review just because your rom isn’t supported.

This theme looks best on xhdpi & xxhdpi devices. Devices below, such as hdpi, mdpi or ldpi are not supported but may work regardless.

• Google Now
• Google Music
• Cyanogenmod Next Gallery
• Cyanogenmod Theme Chooser
• Cyanogenmod File Manager
• Cyanogenmod Torch app
• General UI
• Dialer
• Messaging
• Contacts
• Paranoid Android Lightbulb app
• Settings
• Quicktoggle drawer
• Notification drawer
• Popups, menus, switches, etc
• AOSP Keyboard (Cyanogenmod)
• Google Keyboard (Paranoid Android, Others)
• Paranoid Android Documents app
• Downloads app
• Calculator (Cyanogenmod only for now)

• Google+
• Gmail
• Lockscreen
• Whatsapp

• -400 error is caused by dirty flashing your rom, to fix it you need to clean install your rom
• Theme is not applied properly - please reboot your phone
• Theme engine Force Closes - please clear your dalvik cache and fix permissions

Please email me for the -400 error and other issues you may encounter