Minimal - Zooper Widget Pro

Minimal - Zooper Widget Pro

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    Feb 20, 2014


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Thank you everyone for making this the most installed Zooper skin on the Play store!

Zooper Widget Pro - Does NOT work on the free version! I wish it did!
Media Utilities -

4 Clock widgets. Two white, one dark gray and one black. They all include weather with temperature and conditions. Notification counts for GMail, Phone and SMS with hotspots.
Matching music widget with cover art and controls.
Matching Google search bar.

Set Media Utilities up the same way it's shown in the screenshot included here. Make sure the artwork is enabled and set to circle.
Set the launcher to 5 columns and 7 rows.
Once installed create a new 5x2 widget.
Click the widget.
You'll see "Minimal" in the list in Zooper. Select it and then select one of the widgets from the list.
Once open in Zooper adjust the scaling size to best fit.
Hit the back button and repeat for the other widgets that you wish to use.