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SoundTracking Reviews

  • Elisa Mora

    Elisa Mora

    Reviewed in Android experience perfection. ;)

    Soundtracking is like facebook. But for music. Which makes it even better.

  • John Jb Bruce

    John Jb Bruce

    Reviewed in Music apps

    Can post music currently playing and add hash tags to it also able to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and foursquare within the app. Look at other users songs and like or love or comment from songs posted. Great at discovering new music. Can follow other music. Love it just as much as my new app Soundwave.


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With a few taps of your phone, identify a song instantly and then share the song snippet, a photo and your geo-location all in one special music moment that you can share into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare. You and your friends can follow, like and comment on each other's daily music tastes and even play songs in Rdio or Spotify!
SoundTracking now includes a lock-screen & home-screen widget, as well as YouTube clip playback support, and more improvements! Whether you’re out with friends at a party, walking outdoors with your headphones on, or just hanging out with the radio on, the SoundTracking app now allows you to easily share your favorite jam. Beginner tip: start by posting your "Song of the Day" or what music is "Now Playing".

Key Features:

* Available now for 7” Android tablets

* Discover and play music videos with friends - When listening to someone’s shared music moment, you can now view the song’s Youtube music video inside the SoundTracking app (not sending the user outside to the Youtube app)

* Widget for your phone’s home screen - Quickly identify and share what song you’re listening to, right from your locked homescreen.

* Song dedications and tagging - Whether you’re dedicating a song to a friend or you’re listening to a song with them, you can tag your friends and they’ll receive an automatic notification about it. (Hint: Birthdays!)

* Trending Nearby - Discover new music and soundtrackers right in your own city and neighborhood using the Nearby view in the Trending section.

* Faster music identification with improved album cover images.

* Powerful new music search engine - Search over 26 million tracks by song title or artist name and get instant results as you type.

* Social Networks integrated with our Android app: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare

* Music services now integrated with our Android app: Youtube, Spotify and RDIO

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