Runtastic Me: Activity Tracker

Runtastic Me: Activity Tracker

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Track daily steps, calories burned, active minutes, monitor distance, sleep & more with Runtastic Me - your activity tracker! Runtastic Me offers you on-the-go tracking to help you better understand your daily movements, habits & full potential. Improve your health & let Runtastic Me be your progress tracker. Want a step tracker app to help ensure you’re taking more daily steps & burning a healthy amount of calories? Try our step & calorie counter! Be aware of your daily, weekly & monthly movements with the best walk tracker. Discover more about YOU with Runtastic Me - distance tracker, step tracker, step counter & sleep monitor. We’re the daily tracker app for you!

Me is an activity tracker & distance tracker app that joins you during your day (and night as your sleep tracker) to help you monitor movements, view progress & make lifestyle changes to live intentionally, improve health & reach your fitness goals! Use Runtastic Me as your walk tracker, monitor distance & go a bit further. Use it as a step counter & try to hit 10,000 daily steps. And, Me can be a sleep monitor & will let you know if your sleep quality & duration is up to par!

* NEW: Sync to Sleep Better. All your sleep tracker sessions tracked using your Runtastic Wearable will automatically sync to your Sleep Better app (with detailed stats & insights)
* NEW: Add manual sleep session when you forget to use Sleep Better or turn your fitness wearable to Sleep Mode
* Leaderboards: Compete with friends in Steps & Active Minutes! Add competition to your steps tracker
* Step tracking: Track daily steps & monitor distance covered to ensure you’re active, even on those busy days. Let your daily tracker help keep you progressing
* Active minutes: Track minutes of activity (active minutes) & try to identify moments in your day where you can add in some extra movement during normal daily activities. More than a step counter
* Calories burned: Use Runtastic Me as a step & calorie counter. Monitor calories burned, which incorporates BMR, AMR, weight, age & gender, to ensure you find a healthy balance between calorie intake & energy output
* Set & achieve goals: Set goals & monitor your progress – colored progress bars will tell you how you’re doing
* Challenge yourself: Compare daily stats to the previous day, week, month or year to see how you’re doing & which days could use a boost of activity. Get the most from your step tracker, distance tracker & sleep tracker
* Tips of the Day: Get motivated to up your activity level & reach your goals. Extra inspiration while using this step & calorie counter
* Go streaking: Reach your daily step goal two days in a row with your steps tracker - the more consecutive days, the longer your streak
* Integration with Runtastic, Results, Road & Mountain Bike, Six Pack & Fitness App Collection apps: Runtastic app activity data is integrated into your Me app values to ensure the most accurate daily stats
* Runtastic Wearables: Make the most of your 24-hour activity tracker by combining the power of Runtastic Me with Runtastic Wearables, Me’s compatible hardware

Interested in fitness wearables or a smartwatch? You a Runtastic Orbit user or considering using our smartwatch, Runtastic Moment? For those using Runtastic Wearables, your daily tracker capabilities & data output are made even more meaningful with the Runtastic Me app. Data generated by our wearables is wirelessly synced with Runtastic Me so you can view your daily stats (including your sleep tracker!) in your Me app, on the Orbit’s display or on your Moment’s progress indicator. What an awesome steps tracker & sleep monitor!

Runtastic Me, the easy-to-use, daily tracking app & walk tracker from Runtastic. Get the most from Runtastic Me by using our wearable or smartwatch. Download the free app today!