rumr: anonymous messenger

rumr: anonymous messenger

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    Aug 27, 2014


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As featured in The Guardian, Time Magazine, techcrunch, the Verge, Yahoo, CNN, Mashable, USA Today and many others. rumr is your portal for anonymous, name free chatting. Chat about what’s happening anonymously with friends. Express yourself without fear.

Groups: Start anonymous group chats with your friends. Anonymous group chats are great for having honest, real discussions with your friends (they're really fun if you just want to be silly too). Try to have 5 or more members to create an anonymous environment. These chats have a member’s list so you can always see who is in the chat (even if you don’t know who said what). It’s completely optional, but you can turn the lights on and chat with your real identity at anytime in the group chats.

Anonymous chat on-demand with rumr. We’re here when you want to chat.