Snowden Run 3D Trial Version

Snowden Run 3D Trial Version

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    Nov 16, 2013


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27/08/2013: UPDATED! Version 1.7! Tons of new stuf;
- Challenge Of The Day feature
- New Areas
- New Moves
- Drive-able Vehicles!
- Tons of fixes! As seen on CNN, MSNBC, RT, CBS, FOX!

Now you can also play as Julian Assange and a sexy fictional Russian Spy!

Snowden Run 3D is a free satirical Temple Run/Subway Surfers clone for Android, iPhone and HTML5 based on the current events surrounding Mr. Edward Snowden. The game was authored by Belgian actor/director and computer scientist Mike "The Spike" Smith (Michele Rocco Smeets) originally intended as a Ludum Dare contest entry, with less than 30 hours of development time dedicated to it. It features three complete, infinite episodes; NSA Head Quarters, Hong Kong and Moscow Airport.

The player collects USB sticks and laptops containing sensitive information while being chased by Agent Jake, whose mission is to arrest whistle blower Edward Snowden.
If the player is caught, he ends up in Guantanamo Bay and the game ends. There is one powerup, a USSR hydrogen bomb which is dropped onto the map when "Uncle Putin" is called on a cellphone, effectively ridding it from obstacles. Due to the very limited development time dedicated to this game there are a lot of possible improvements, especially gameplay-wise that will be made in the future through the use of updates.