Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief

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    Apr 2, 2014

Tiny Thief Reviews

  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in 5 Star Games

    I normally don't like point-and-click games, but Tiny Thief has changed that completely. Rovio has managed to create a clever P&C experience with some of the best graphics I have ever seen. Such a charming game.

  • Jamie Davies

    Jamie Davies

    Reviewed in Long Lasting Apps & Games

    Stunning graphics, physics and a real brain scratcher to obtain every star. Genuinely one of the best games I've ever played on Android. But then, what did you expect from Rovio?

  • Pablo Haro

    Pablo Haro

    Reviewed in Point and click adventures

    The mobile market never ceases to surprise me. Amidst a sea of heavy in-app-purchase exploitation, pay-to-win games, and clones, there are still a large number of modern classics that brave the choppy waters and come out on top. Tiny Thief is the latest example of this triumph. It knows its roots, it looks unique, and it executes the touch-screen setup flawlessly. It's also extremely adorable.

  • Pratik Chakravorty

    Pratik Chakravorty

    Reviewed in The apps I use the most!

    From the makers of Angry Birds, this game features a stealth mode play where you seek in and out to grab certain objects. Seems simple but it's a mind bender to achieve all the three stars. If you like stealth action than this won't disappoint you

  • Alex Gomer

    Alex Gomer

    Reviewed in Games

    Hatte diese Version noch vor dem Freemium Modell gekauft und konnte alle Level spielen. Jetzt muss man nach drei Etappen, die restlichen kaufen. Ärgerlich, für die die es schon mal gekauft haben,denn sie müssen die Level auch kaufen. Das Spiel ist aber sehr zu empfehlen, da es sehr gut gemacht ist und man viel Spaß damit hat.