Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)

Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars)

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    500,000 - 1,000,000
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    Jan 7, 2015

Sidebar Plus (Multi-bars) Reviews

  • Nicholas Cheung

    Nicholas Cheung

    Reviewed in All Best App !!

    swipe from your phone frame to change setting, open app... (8.8/10)

  • AndroidPolice


    Reviewed in 18 Best New Android Apps (8/27/13-9/9/13)

    Sidebar Plus takes the kitchen sink approach, throwing everything the developer could think of into one bar or another.

  • Varna Sri Raman

    Varna Sri Raman

    Reviewed in Google Nexus Picks

    One of the easiest short-cut launch pads. The full version is worth it.

  • Bao Le Duc

    Bao Le Duc

    Reviewed in AntTek

    Love this app Was able to setup my apps into bars that are hidden from view on the side. Cleaned up my desktop and was able to put additional widgets on the home page to dress it up. Nice option of opening a new app from within any application you may be working on. A little bit of a learning curve but once you get by that it is easy to get around.

  • Playboard Team

    Playboard Team

    Reviewed in Reddit Saturday APPreciation thread, Nov 16th 2013

    Apposaurus: The perfect multi-tasking app! Customizable sidebars of size, amount, background, theme (Holo/gradiant and so on). A number of gestures supported, and supports items like widgets, shortcuts, etc. For example, want easy access to a flashlight no matter what page you're on? Add a flashlight widget and with a simple gesture you're good to go.