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  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    Don't you hate it when someone calls you in the middle of a game? Stop interrupting, real life! Call PopOut is a nifty app which bypasses the disruptive call screen, instead displaying a little contact circle you can drag around to accept, reject, or mute the call. Love it.

  • Selig


    Reviewed in Selig's choice of System tools

    [no root required] Call PopOut is a new entry on my list of favourite apps. For some reason, ALWAYS when I do something on my phone, someone rings and interrupts what I was doing. Anytime. Call PopOut comes to the rescue by announcing callers through small bubbles, instead of those full-screen annoyances.

  • Bao Le Duc

    Bao Le Duc

    Reviewed in AntTek

    Great! This app is great! I don't constantly make or receive phone calls, but when I do, it's nice to not have it popping up and taking over my whole screen. This app accomplishes a minimal, yet effective call answering system and I will continue to support it. Thanks, devs!

  • Aimee Burnett

    Aimee Burnett

    Reviewed in "App" Step Closer to a Higher Level of Being

    Ignore a call without rejecting it


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Call PopOut - a multitasking way to handle incoming calls while stay on your current apps. - Call Popout Turns Incoming Calls into “Chat Heads” (Life Hacker)
- Use Call PopOut to make incoming calls less distracting on Android (CNET)
- Call PopOut for Android is like Facebook Chat Heads for phone calls (The Next Web)
- Handle Calls without Interruption with Call Popout (XDA Developer)
- Call Popout Shows Floating Popups For Calls Within Select Android Apps (AddictiveTips)

An incoming call sometime interrupt us while we are playing a game, reading Flipboard, surfing web. This nature of Android phone disturbs us and cost you time, concentration, feeling.

Call Popout is designed to fill the gap. It shows incoming calls as a small photo with caller name/number. You can touch on photo in order to response to the call (reject, accept, mute and hide, back to phone app, toggle speaker mode)

This app is best for:
- Playing games
- Reading news paper, book
- Surfing web
- Watching video (YouTube, TV shows)

- 3 operation mode: All apps, App list, off.
- Full call control: reject, accept, mute, toggle speaker, end call
- Customize head size, head alignment, silent on touch
- Light weight app (<500kb)

- All apps: shows Call Popout anytime.
- App List: shows Call Popout on a selected apps (recommended. Enable this mode and put your favorite games, reader apps, youtube, etc. into app list).
- Off: disables call popout

Caution: This app does not work on certain devices.
Confirmed working on
- Most of Samsung devices
- Most of HTC devices
- Most of Lenovo devices
- Most of Sony devices
- MIUI ROM: follow this guide -

Root devices:
- If this app does not work, please convert this app to system app in order to bypass telephony restriction.

Confirmed not working on
- Pantech Breakout
- Pantech Sky
- HTC One: answer calls does not work

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