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Call PopOut Reviews

  • Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Reviewed in Wishlist for Built-In OS Features

    Unobtrusive Chatheads-like Interface for Phone Calls: I keep installing and uninstalling this app every other week out of frustration with its inconsistency. But, I always return to it because it is very useful, and I blame only my mobile's crap memory management for the app's inconsistency. The app pops up a circular button with a contact picture, whenever there is an incoming call, over whatever app is currently open - like what Facebook Messenger does whenever there is a new message. The popout can be dragged to circles for various options to act upon the call, though it can't be moved about the screen freely like Facebook Messenger's chatheads. It can also be set to silence the ringer when the popout is touched.

  • Aimee Burnett

    Aimee Burnett

    Reviewed in "App" Step Closer to a Higher Level of Being

    Ignore a call without rejecting it

  • Khaled Trad

    Khaled Trad

    Reviewed in Awesome Android apps - daily updates

    Basically, it’s an app that keeps you at whatever app you have open and turns any incoming call into a floating icon.Of course, if the person calling is in your contacts, you’ll get their photo photo. This way, you can quickly mute and dismiss the call, answer it or hang up without leaving the screen you were working on.

  • Dmantisk


    Reviewed in Apps and games I recommend

    Answer/mute/cut calls like the ninja SMS pop-up. With this you can answer calls like a ninja!

  • Joseph Long

    Joseph Long

    Reviewed in Best Free Android Games and Apps

    Ever played a game and got a call, interrupting your game and then even if you declined your game still got screwed up? This prevents that basically. Simple as that.

  • Selig


    Reviewed in Selig's choice of work horses

    If you use your Android for some serious work, you most certainly have encountered this situation hundreds of times: while doing something meaningful, someone really meaningless calls you and interrupts your workflow as the "incoming-caller-is-trying-to-annoy-you"-screen is coming up. Call PopOut comes to the rescue, announcing incoming calls by much less obtrusive bubbles (similar to how Facebook Messenger does). Essential to your (or at least: MY) peace of mind.

  • Bao Le Duc

    Bao Le Duc

    Reviewed in AntTek

    Great! This app is great! I don't constantly make or receive phone calls, but when I do, it's nice to not have it popping up and taking over my whole screen. This app accomplishes a minimal, yet effective call answering system and I will continue to support it. Thanks, devs!


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Call PopOut - a multitasking way to handle incoming calls while stay on your current apps. - Call Popout Turns Incoming Calls into “Chat Heads” (Life Hacker)
- Use Call PopOut to make incoming calls less distracting on Android (CNET)
- Call PopOut for Android is like Facebook Chat Heads for phone calls (The Next Web)
- Handle Calls without Interruption with Call Popout (XDA Developer)
- Call Popout Shows Floating Popups For Calls Within Select Android Apps (AddictiveTips)

An incoming call sometime interrupt us while we are playing a game, reading Flipboard, surfing web. This nature of Android phone disturbs us and cost you time, concentration, feeling.

Call Popout is designed to fill the gap. It shows incoming calls as a small photo with caller name/number. You can touch on photo in order to response to the call (reject, accept, mute and hide, back to phone app, toggle speaker mode)

This app is best for:
- Playing games
- Reading news paper, book
- Surfing web
- Watching video (YouTube, TV shows)

- 3 operation mode: All apps, App list, off.
- Full call control: reject, accept, mute, toggle speaker, end call
- Customize head size, head alignment, silent on touch
- Light weight app (<500kb)

- All apps: shows Call Popout anytime.
- App List: shows Call Popout on a selected apps (recommended. Enable this mode and put your favorite games, reader apps, youtube, etc. into app list).
- Off: disables call popout

Caution: This app does not work on certain devices.
Confirmed working on
- Most of Samsung devices
- Most of HTC devices
- Most of Lenovo devices
- Most of Sony devices
- MIUI ROM: follow this guide -

Root devices:
- If this app does not work, please convert this app to system app in order to bypass telephony restriction.

Confirmed not working on
- Pantech Breakout
- Pantech Sky
- HTC One: answer calls does not work

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