Cell Phone Coverage Map

Cell Phone Coverage Map

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Your smartphone is a fundamental part of your daily life. We get it. It’s the same for us. You deserve the best mobile experience possible. Our CoverageMap app gives you information and easy-to-use tools to make your mobile decisions easier and improve the quality of mobile networks.

View easy-to-use maps showing millions of mobile performance test results to get insights down to the street level. With the push of a button, test your network’s Call Performance and data speeds. Your test results are combined with those of other users in the RootMetrics community for a holistic view of performance. Multiple testing options and constantly updated maps make this app the easiest and most comprehensive source for improving your mobile experience.

• View information about call performance and data connection speed.
• See the number of tests completed by location and operator.
• Compare your network’s true performance against other networks with interactive call performance and data speed maps.
• Report dropped calls, poor signal strength, and slow data issues.
• Choose whether you want to do a single test at a time or set the app to do background or continuous testing.
100% FREE. No annoying advertisements or in-app purchases.

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Download the app, keep testing, and help spread the word. Together, we’re making mobile performance better.

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