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THIS APP REQUIRES THE THERMODO HARDWARE THERMOMETER (Available here Measure the temperature right where you are with the Companion App for Thermodo. Plug the Thermodo in your audio jack and let the sensor adjust to the environment. It's never been more easy to take temperature measurements on the go.

Thermodo is a tiny little electrical thermometer for your smartphone and the Companion app is the first piece of software you'll need to enjoy your new weather gadget.

= The Companion app features =

- Measure the current temperature with Thermodo
- A beautifully clean design when taking measurements
- Get low, high and average temperature of your last measurement by swiping up
- More about the Thermodo project and guides on how to get the most out of your sensitive little thermometer
- Fahrenheit & Celsius support
- Compensate for device heat in the settings

Learn more at and get your own Thermodo.

Got questions, check out the FAQ at

= Important =

We've done our best and have tested Thermodo on a large number of devices, but obviously we cannot test it on every single device out there. If you are having issues please send an e-mail to and we will see what we can do.

Currently, there are a couple of known limitations that you should be aware of:

- Thermodo works unreliably when audio enhancers such as "Beats Audio", "Dolby" or similar features are enabled. When using Thermodo, please disable such audio enhancers.

- On some devices the app sometimes cannot ensure that the master volume is set at a reasonable level. If you are having issues with Thermodo not being detected by your phone then go into Settings->Sound->Volumes and make sure the volume for music is set to the maximum value.