Rise of Rome

Rise of Rome

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Rise of Rome is more than a strategy game that you will experience.
Achieve the best strategies, corps, and formations including the deep story of Roman Empire to become the strongest hero! ◇Game Features◇

Roman Hero System
You can recruit, train, and use all the heroes of the Roman Empire in battle against opponents that actually existed.
(More than 90 real-life heroes including Caesar, Pompey, Octavian, Scipio, Hannibal, Brutus, and Spartacus) "

Unique Battle System
The RTS battle system usually depends on the first attack to win/lose. But, you can use your advanced tactics to change your attack strategies from Rise of Rome.

Dynamic War System
Experience the excitement of territory / region / port / faction wars by playing up to 50 vs. 50!

Various Corps of "Rise of Rome"
You can experience 72 corps that actually existed in the Roman history including soldiers, cavalries, elephants, and catapults.

Gold Payment System
You can get 300 Gold when you create character.
You can get 100 Gold when you choose faction.
You can get 10 Gold when you log in for 14 consecutive days.

So, get ready to experience the greatest war of "Rise of Rome" which you never experienced before!

You can reach us at support at mobilesupport@rntsmedia.com if you have any questions.

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