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Basemark® X by Rightware® is a professional gaming performance benchmark for objective cross platform comparisons between Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. Basemark X features heavy graphics content and pushes tested devices to the limit. As the only professional benchmark built on top of a real-world game engine Unity 4.2.2, Basemark X reflects the real-world graphics performance of smartphones and tablets when rendering future 3D games.

Please close all the other applications when running Basemark X so that the graphic memory will not be used for other purposes. You can choose either medium (by default) or high quality to run the benchmark.

In the end of the tests, Basemark X produces a high quality and objective score, which can be compared against the scores of other devices on Rightware's official database Power Board, which collects results from over 1000 smartphones and tablets.

More information about Basemark X, plesae visit:

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