Crumble Zone

Crumble Zone

(16601 ratings)

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  • Downloads:
    500,000 - 1,000,000
  • Last update
    May 10, 2013

Crumble Zone Reviews

  • Paulina Javiera

    Paulina Javiera

    Reviewed in Gamer Edition

    Played. 5 stars, simple game does it right.

  • Neroli Regina N

    Neroli Regina N

    Reviewed in Best of the best.

    A almost type of space invaders but with the kickass graphics and sound track to match its a whole new rockin' experience

  • Utsav Gupta

    Utsav Gupta

    Reviewed in HOLO UI:Best of Google Play Store

    Crumble Zone is an action-packed arcade game about a little, green alien who works hard just to fight for his tiny planet. The thing is to shoot down asteroids while rotating around a planet to get the highest score possible.

  • khwahish patel

    khwahish patel

    Reviewed in Pure Gaming

    Single player even Multiplayer

  • Nicholas Cheung

    Nicholas Cheung

    Reviewed in All Best App !!

    Oh my god! I really really L♥VE this game sooo much, a brand new game comcept, sth like planet or universe theme game! Highly highly recommend this!! I'd give it 9.3/10 score)