Tiny Apps (floating)

Tiny Apps (floating)

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Tiny Apps is a package of 7 useful floating apps that stay on top of all other apps. All windows can be moved, resized and docked to the left side of your screen to hide and show windows quickly. Use your volumebuttons to change the transparency of each window! This is Tiny Apps Pro. It enables the following features:
- dock windows to the left side of your screen
- adjust a window's transparency by using your volumebuttons
- 2 additional Tiny Apps: widgets and browser

You can run several windows of the same Tiny App.

Tiny Notes
- save notes to your storage
- open saved notes
- share text right out of Tiny Notes
- copy and paste supported

Tiny Widgets**
- float any of your installed widgets!

Tiny Browser
- a simple browser
- set startsite, share/copy link

Tiny Recorder*
- start a recording and save it to your storage
- delete and share recordings

Tiny Paint
- trace something on your screen
- open and save paintings
- select one of 36 colors
- undo possibility
- clear canvas

Tiny Musicplayer*
- lists all musicfiles on your device
- displays artist, title and albumcover
- play/pause, next, previous
- select random sequence
- enable repeatmode

Tiny Calculator
- calculate simple and complex arithmetical problems
- switch between basic and advanced numberpad
- copy the result to your clipboard

Tiny Apps includes a widget for your homescreen. You can open a Tiny App with less clicks.

FAQ - frequently asked questions:

How do i open a window's menu?
- Tap a window's left top icon to open a menu.

How do i move windows?
- Tap a window's titlebar and drag the window around.

How do i resize windows?
- Tap a window's right bottom corner and drag it to resize a window.

How do i dock windows?
- Move a window to the leftmost position and lift your finger. The moved window will shrink to a small image. Move the small image to the right to reopen this window.

How do i change a window's transparency?
- Make sure that you have focused a window and press your device's volume down button to lower the transparency.

Fell free to contact the developer: cadr.market@gmail.com

*This app doesn't support multiple instances.
**This app cannot be started from the widget