QCast Music - Party Playlists

QCast Music - Party Playlists

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QCast Music creates effortless party playlists and turns your computer or Chromecast into the ultimate jukebox. Let everyone share their favorite songs in a collaborative queue. Build a collaborative playlist of songs that all of your friends like and enjoy the music on your Chromecast or any computer. When you host a party, everyone can add their favorite songs to the queue, and downvote those they don't like - if a majority is reached, the song is automatically skipped. Guests can remove their own songs. The host maintains the option to swipe all songs away to remove them, skip to the next track, and control volume.

QCast works on all Android devices 4.0.3 and later. The host needs a Google account to log in and access songs uploaded to Play Music or through an All Access subscription.

We're hard at work on more features to make QCast great! Join our Google+ community to provide feedback and help us test the latest version of QCast Music. https://plus.google.com/communities/115530360364305538164

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