Gravity Screen - On/Off

Gravity Screen - On/Off

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    Jan 16, 2017

Gravity Screen - On/Off Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    My home button is wonky, so this app, which has been around for quite a while, is pretty handy. Using the proximity sensor, the app turns your screen off and on accordingly. It's pretty sweet, except sometimes I accidentally activate it while playing A Link to the Past on my emulator, which could be pesky. But not as pesky as that crazy worm boss.

  • Eti Suruzon

    Eti Suruzon

    Reviewed in Etis favorite apps

    BRILLIANT App! Trust me on this one and just install it. Toggles on/off mode for your screen automatically

  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Little helpers

    Smart stay for everyone, who needs a Samsung :-P

  • Chaitanya Barwad

    Chaitanya Barwad

    Reviewed in Productivity Apps

    Use It, And U Will Know How Amazing It Is! No Need To Touch Lock Button Now!

  • Aditya Batra

    Aditya Batra

    Reviewed in Best of all times

    Turn your screen on and off by using your phones proximity sensor! It's very cool!

  • Ankur Garg

    Ankur Garg

    Reviewed in Apps you wont uninstall

    It uses gravity sensors of the phone to automatically turn screen on and off. It uses the usual angles on which our phones lie in our pockets and on tables so that it can automatically turn screen off. Also it records hand movements to keep screen on when you are using your phone..

  • Duwayne Findlay

    Duwayne Findlay

    Reviewed in Android App Report

    Trying to avoid pressing the power on button too often to wake the display? Get this app. It uses so many sensors to achieve this under any situation and gladly you can disable any of its features otherwise it will affect battery life. Sensors; proximity, motion and phone orientation. Paid version gives you the feature to exclude apps it can't operate in.

  • Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Old Man Windbreaker (Pranav G)

    Reviewed in Android Features Wishlist

    Button-less Display Switching: It will no longer be your mobile's 'Power/Lock' button, just the 'Power' button! That poorly thought-out attempt at advertising aside, this app will free up your power button by switching the mobile's screen on/off based on various settings. It uses a combination of the proximity sensor and the 3-axis accelerometer in your mobile to detect whether it is in your pocket, lying on your table, or in your hand.


It turns automatically the screen off when you put your phone into your pocket or onto a table. And turns the screen on when you take it out or up. No need to touch any button and you are ready to go. It's especially helpful if your lock key is hard to reach or the power button is broken.

The most popular screen on/off app. Reviewed by LifeHacker, MakeUseOf, TheNextWeb, Gizmodo and many others ...

• Pocket Sensor: Turns the screen off if your phone is in your pocket.
• Table Sensor: Detects your phone is lying on a table and turn it off if not in use.
• Turn Screen On by Motion: If the screen is off and it's facing up the device can be woken up by moving it.
• Keep Screen On by Motion - Rise to Wake: It keeps the screen on while you are watching the screen. It relies on the small movements of your hand while holding the device.
• Smart Lock support: It's a workaround to make the Smart lock feature work fine on devices with Lollipop.
• Locale plug-in for: Tasker, Llama and others

• Better performance
• Widgets, Shortcuts
• Wider range for Rise to Wake Timeout
• Wider range for Table Sensor
• Suspend in Landscape mode
• Exclude Apps option

BATTERY USAGE It should be not significant. I experienced about 6 per cent extra consumption on the test device. However it can be much higher by often using the Rise to Wake feature. Thus, keep your phone face down if you want to save energy.


Please, use the Uninstall button in the app. Due to Android restriction the app cannot be uninstalled on a normal way.