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GServiceFix Reviews

  • Cedrik Krull

    Cedrik Krull

    Reviewed in All you need - great and useful apps

    Fix the gservice bug that drains your battery

  • Matthew Hancock

    Matthew Hancock

    Reviewed in Awesome Android - updated regularly

    If your Android 4.4 device is losing battery power try this fix. My wife's phone now lasts for 24 hours not 6. A huge difference.

  • Edward Chan

    Edward Chan

    Reviewed in Top Apps - Tots, Tech, & Tools

    People say this does not work. They are wrong! It does work. Its just that sometimes Google pushes out an update check that causes the phone to wakelock again. At least it always seems to happen a few days before Google updates Play Store or Google Search or their other bloatware. Combine this with "2 Battery - Battery Saver" and it will reduce your idle battery consumption.