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Beautiful Timer

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** The Best Timer for Android **

Beautiful Timer is an elegant timer in Holo style, simple but especially powerful. Given its versatility, it can easily be used as a kitchen timer, parking timer or for any other action that requires a countdown like laundry, a nap, or simply cooking an egg. With this timer, you’ll be able to:
✔ Set unlimited Timers (PRO)
✔ Add or delete unlimited presets (PRO)
✔ Start a timer from the current widget on your desktop or lockscreen (PRO)
✔ Add a personalized ringtone for each timer (PRO)
✔ Quick timer
✔ Quickly add 30 sec./1 min. /5min. /10min. timers (PRO)

The application also offers these fantastic features:
✔ Resistant to restarts of your cellphone
✔ Share the current timer via NFC
✔ *Non intrusive* notifications for each timer
✔ Notifications with Restart and Interrupt buttons (available only for the latest versions of Android)
✔ Notifications with running indicator
✔ Dirty hands? Move your hand over the telephone a couple of times to make the timer snooze. (PRO)

Save your favorite times through the dedicated icon, and make them restart with a click using the widget or the blue ribbon.

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