Monster Rivals

Monster Rivals

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Design your own monster and go on an adventure to save the island! Use a huge variety of awesome weapons and pets to battle friends, enemies, and wild creatures! Play for free!

Monster Rivals is fast and easy to learn, but you’ll be hooked before you know it! Match huge combos together to unleash devastating attacks at your enemies, the fate of every battle is in your hands! Journey across the island on an epic adventure with great rewards! With tons of unique weapons to unlock, mysterious pets to tame, and stats to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Become the most powerful monster ever, and battle against other players in the arena to prove it!

- Cute yet deadly monsters, design your own
- Capture unique pets to fight by your side
- Over 30 weapons, each with their own bonuses and super moves
- Easy to learn yet surprisingly deep, RPG fans will love it
- Connect to Facebook and fight anyone who dares to challenge you
- Tons of items and gems to make you even more powerful
- Beautiful artwork and animations: blow up your enemies with style
- Match jewels and use powerups to make your attacks even stronger

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Version 2.9
-Fixed/Changed: The damage multiplier number changed.

Version 2.8
-New: Rare and Epic Hats and Trinkets! Unlock extra powerful hats and trinkets!
-New: Epic Hat and Trinket Live Events! New events have been added for hats and trinkets.
-Hats now have stats.
-Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.7
-Added Notifications: Can be enabled/disabled through settings.
-Bug Fix: Fixed shop weapon bugs.

Version 2.6
-Added Fusing: Weapons can be fused to make them more powerful!
-Bug Fix: Forfeit related bug fixes

Version 2.52
-Pause and forfeit added to fights. Press the back button to bring up pause menu.
-Bug Fixed: Daily quest no longer shows for low level chars.
-Bug Fixed: Sound problems when unlocking items.

Version 2.51
-Bug Fixed: Gems can now be equipped in Rare and Epic Weapons!

Version 2.5
-New: Rare and Epic Weapons! Unlock extra powerful weapons with unique animations!
-New: Live Events! Fresh challenges with amazing rewards!
-New: Daily Quests! New quests that change every day!
-Bug fixes

Version 2.3
-New: Alternate pet attack animations
-Improved game graphics
-Improved dialogs
-Bug fixes

Version 2.2
-New: Powerups! Use them during fights to blow up tons of jewels at once.
-New: Scrolls! Boost your XP and stats for hours.
-New: Golden Plates! Break all of the plates on the grid for extra gold and XP.
-Quests now give a star rating. Earn 3 stars by breaking all the plates.
-Damage multiplier from jewels is now visible during fights.
-Gem stats and costs rescaled.
-Updated jewel graphics.

Version 2.1
- Fixed crashes caused by accessing usables in shop
- Fixed crashes caused by using taming pet during quests
- Fixed crashes caused sometimes during tutorials
- Enemy pet shows up in Versus Scene

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