Don't Pause!

Don't Pause!

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Don't Pause! Reviews

  • Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Christoph Kerschbaumer

    Reviewed in Die besten Apps und Spiele

    Mit diesem Programm lassen sich die Benachrichtigungs-Töne unterdrücken, während Musik abgespielt wird! Wenn die App aktiviert ist, werden ab dem Moment wo Musik läuft, die Töne deaktiviert! Sehr praktisch ist, dass wenn Ihr die Musik beendet, die Einstellung für Benachrichtigungen, welche zuvor ausgewählt war, wieder hergestellt wird! P.S.: Die Pro-Version kann durch einen In-App Kauf freigeschalten werden!

  • المفضلي


    Reviewed in اندرويديات

    اكيد كثير مروا بهذي الحالة وهي انك تسمع شي في الجهاز وكل شوي تقاطعك اصوات الاعلامات اما برسالة او واتس او اي شي.. هذا التطبيق يوقف كل الاصوات ماعدا الشي اللي قاعد تسمعه.. كل اللي مطلوب تشغل التطبيق وبعدين تشغل اللي تبغى تسمع وخلاص.

  • Daulton O'Brien

    Daulton O'Brien

    Reviewed in Unique App Reviews

    Simple. It keeps your music from being paused by notifications. It works most of the time, but some things get through. 6.5/10

  • Staz


    Reviewed in Weekly Top Apps

    Annoyed when your music stop when you recieve a notification, well this app is for you. Don't Pause disable notification sound(phone will still vibrate) when you are listening hence won't interrupt you, and will enable it when you turn off your music. Useful app go try it up if you like it.

  • Karl Kloepping

    Karl Kloepping

    Reviewed in Best kept app secrets

    I listen to crappy music, I really do. It's loud, fast aggressive and sounds like radio static. But I think even people with questionable musical assessment skills have the right to an uninterrupted listening experience. Unfortunately the little green robot doesn't agree. As I'm sure you've noticed the default Android behavior is to pause music playback when a notification is received. I Can't stand the interruption and would like a way to prevent this annoyance when listening to my crap. Enter Don't Pause. This simple app does exactly what the name implies, it tells Android "don't pause" when there is a notification. While listening to music, all notifications are silenced allowing for uninterrupted music. Simple and easy to use, Don't Pause requires no configuration, doing its job as soon as it is activated. Free version: Ad Supported "Donate" Version: No Ads Tablet layout

  • Abdullah Algarni

    Abdullah Algarni

    Reviewed in تطبيقات أساسية

    في حال إستماعك لمحتوى صوتي، هذا التطبيق يمنع من التوقف المؤقت لإصدار صوت التنبيهات


~Are you tired of Notifications interrupting your music?~ ~Easy to use~

~Simple Customization~

~Material Design Update~

Don't Pause was designed to keep your device from interrupting you when you are listening to music. If you are listening to music through your android phone and you get a text message or email, by default, Android pauses your music and plays the notification. Don't Pause fills in here. Don't Pause will run continuously once you start it and when you are playing music it automatically puts your notifications on vibrate. After you finish your music, Don't Pause automatically changes your setting back to the normal ringer. This app is similar to "Shush!" but I have taken it one step further. Instead of making you configure the app yourself, I have done the work for you. Go ahead and download Don't Pause and start it up. That is all you have to do to keep your mobile music uninterrupted.

- Latest Icon designed by graphic designer Franco Colomba. You can view his portfolio at

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