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Photofeed - Cloud Photo Backup

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Photofeed is one of the best online photo storage solutions available today. Photofeed automatically and securely backs up and intelligently organizes all of your photos from all your devices in one place. You can access and share all your photos privately from anywhere. New users can choose the FREE account that allows up to 1,000 photos, or upgrade to a paid account for more storage.

We are your secure, private gallery for all your photos, across all your devices:
- Do you take family photos with your android camera?
- Do you have old photos on multiple hard drives?
- Do you have hundreds or even thousands of unorganized photos on your phone, social networks (including Facebook) and computers?
- Are you afraid of losing your phone or computer and losing all your memories?
- Are you looking for a way to keep your photos safe in the cloud, and make them securely accessible and sharable with friends and family?

This service automatically backs up your photos from your mobile devices and computers, and keeps them intelligently organized. They will be visible only to you, in a safe, secure place, and can be shared privately only with the people you choose.

★ Automatic Backup
Every time you take a photo on your mobile device or load it onto your computer, Photofeed will automatically make a backup of it for you in the cloud.

★ Secure and safe
Photofeed takes privacy seriously and uses 256-bit encryption to make sure that your photos are only seen by you. You also have the option of private sharing, so you can choose what photos you share and who you share them with.

★ Private sharing with the people you care about
All of your photos are private by default. You control all sharing and viewing options. Choose what photos you share, how you share them, and whom you share them with.

★ Always Organized
We'll organize all your photos in a single, beautiful timeline so you can view them quickly and easily as if you were browsing your mobile photo gallery. After uploading photos, the service analyzes the metadata of each photo to intelligently place them in albums.

★ Back up the photos from your computer and other devices
Have a lot of photos on your computer and external hard drives? Upload them using our desktop uploader for Mac OSX and Windows. The uploader is your photography assistant. It searches your computer for photos, then uploads them in the background so you can continue to do other things, uninterrupted, on your computer.

★ Photos from your social networks and messaging apps
Photofeed can automatically back up all your Facebook photos too. Soon we will support photos from Instagram, Flickr, and other popular social networks. We also can back up all the images/smileys your friends send you on WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat, and similar chat and messaging applications.

★ Anti-Duplication
Photofeed automatically detects and ignores duplicate photos. So, you don’t have to worry about sorting or organizing photos yourself.

★ Free and Subscription-based plans
Our FREE plan gives all Photofeed users free storage of up to 1,000 photos, and additional free storage for sharing Photofeed with friends. Users also have the option to try our unlimited premium plan free for the first month!

You take thousands of photos every year capturing your most precious moments. Use Photofeed to keep them safe and secure. Photofeed is your private, organized, and automatic gallery for all your personal photos.

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