Captain Thumb

Captain Thumb

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    Mar 31, 2013

Captain Thumb Reviews

  • MG


    Reviewed in Simple, Clean, Functional, Fun

    Highly enjoyable side-scrolling twin stick shooter. Available for free. Everyone should be giving this one a chance.

  • Kalle Grabowski

    Kalle Grabowski

    Reviewed in just the best - fcuk the rest...

    arcade shooter with an innovative control concept: instead of steering a ship with your thumb in this game your thumb IS the ship, which results in a really cool and kinda immersive playing experience.


Captain Thumb is an action-packed side-scrolling arcade style shooter. The game transforms your thumbs into vital actors in the game, effectively cutting out distancing control mechanics.

● Infinity Mode with online Leaderboard.
● Story Mode with 5 engaging bosses.

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