PFO Shield Personal Safety

PFO Shield Personal Safety

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    Jan 13, 2015


Alert your friends and family of your precise location by pulling out the headset or pushing an alarm button, either on your phone or the optional PFO Fob key-ring accessory. Find and precisely track family, friends and cherished objects in real-time, again, either through their phones or their PFO Fob key-rings.

Features: - Three personal safety alarm functions; a regular panic button, PFO SOS button, and the innovative Pull Plug which sends alert when you pull out the headset cord - in some situations the only realistic way to be able to trigger an alarm.

- In addition to the location of the alarming person, also follow the location of others who are tracking the same alarm, and coordinate a joint response.

- Casually find and track friends who have allowed you to do so.

- Receive and track alarms from the PFO Shield Bracelet, PFO Fob, and other PFOTech compatible devices.

- Battery friendly: No noticeable impact on battery, since tracking is ONLY active when someone is actually looking at your location. This is in contrast to most other competing tracking applications, that often run a battery draining background process for submitting location updates every now and then, delivering a battery warning before dinner time but not the precise and real-time location needed to be actually useful.

- SMS failover: Benefit from the PFO Tech internet based infrastructure when available for cutting edge features and performance, but feel safe knowing that the app is also able to send alarms and respond to Find request via SMS in situations where internet connection is not available.

The PFO Shield is the easy-to-use, every day personal safety and tracking app. Feel safe in the knowledge that you can both alert and protect your loved ones with intuitive alarm functions and precision tracking.

The PFO Shield app is fully functional as a stand-alone app, or as the official companion app to the PFO Shield personal safety bracelet, PFO Fob and other PFO Tech compatible devices.