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Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner

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Recipe, Menu & Cooking Planner Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    As the working world beckons me into its arms, I've been looking for good meal planning apps—who needs to wrack their brains thinking of what to eat every day? Pepperplate helps you schedule your meals, plan your grocery shopping, and record your recipes (I've got a killer microwaved potato recipe). It's also easy on the eyes, which is a rare trait among the meal planning apps I've tried out.

  • Varna Sri Raman

    Varna Sri Raman

    Reviewed in Google Nexus Picks

    If you are into recipe collection use pepperplate. Beautfully elegant solution.

  • Aditya Batra

    Aditya Batra

    Reviewed in Best of all times

    Earlier: Mom please can you make pasta for dinner Now: I am making my own dinner with the help of pepper plate!

  • ganassa


    Reviewed in ganapps - Discovering new apps

    Un modo per conservare e condividere le proprie ricette.

  • Arrioch


    Reviewed in Hidden Gems

    In my opinion, best recipe and cooking planner app, you can create recipes or import them on their website from many popular sources, make schedules, shopping lists, etc.


Pepperplate is the only way to seamlessly manage your recipes, menus and shopping lists on the web, Android Tablet and Android Phone. - Take your Android Tablet into the kitchen and cook your whole menu with multiple cooking timers.
- Share your favorite recipes with friends and family via Email, Facebook and Twitter.
- Create recipes on Android Phones and Tablets
- Import recipes on from your favorite sites.
- Combine recipes into menus for dinner party or holiday meal planning.
- Organize meals for the week or month by adding menus and recipes to the schedule.
- Add to your shopping list on the website, and it automatically syncs to your Android tablet or phone.
- Shopping list is automatically organized to match the order you shop in the grocery store.
- The COOK NOW feature on Android Tablets allows you to set multiple timers for all of the recipes in your menu
- Create your own unlimited categories to organize your recipe collection.
- Your collection synchronizes automatically from the website and is backed up on your device automatically without connecting to a computer.
- Take your entire recipe collection with you to the grocery store or while traveling, no Internet connection required.