Canvas for Pebble

Canvas for Pebble

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Design a Pebble watch-face on your phone, and publish it instantly to your watch! This app will only work with Pebble firmware and Android app v2.0

You will need a Pebble Watch to get the most out of this app!

If you encounter problems installing the latest Canvas watchface to your Pebble, please see the FAQ.

User guide:

With Canvas, you can:-
- Design watch-faces for your Pebble, on your Android phone
- Control the size, position, format, font, colour and alignment of every item. Drag to move and resize
- Animate anything on your watch-face, and vibrate when content changes, dynamically resize layer, and invert
- Add images, or even an analogue clock!
- Include world-time from any timezone
- Add countdown timers, to a time controlled on your phone
- Switch watch-faces from your phone, only requiring one precious slot on your Pebble
- Share your designs, and download others' on the Canvas Screen Store!
- See the state of your watch (battery level, connection status)

Your watch-faces can use any time format that you wish, including the popular 'text watch' format.

You can also include dynamic content which will update continually from your phone:
- Your next calendar appointments (on supported devices ICS+)
- Missed call, Unread SMS counters
- Unread Gmail counters for any labels
- Phone battery percentage
- Phone sensor status (temperature, humidity, pressure on supported devices e.g. Galaxy S4)
- Weather
- Any content from Tasker
- And anything else via plugins - example:

And share any watchface that you design with other Canvas users! Use the 'Share' function on the Edit screen. A shared .pcs file can be loaded back into Canvas

Instructions: please see

Developers: see for information on creating content plugins for Canvas

- Pebble does not yet support persistent storage. This means that every time you select the 'Pebble Canvas' watch-face on your Pebble, it must communicate with your phone before it can display anything. After this, it will continue to display all non-dynamic content even if connection to your phone is lost.

- Please submit any bug reports if you do encounter an issue. You may also submit diagnostics from the 'About' menu to help diagnose any problems
- Please email me with any problems/issues/suggestions. This is a lot easier than responding via the Google Play comments system

- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - send watchface to Pebble app, share screens
- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - update pebble when phone starts
- READ_CALENDAR - display upcoming calendar events
- READ_SMS - Get SMS unread count
- READ_CALL_LOG - Get Missed calls count
- gm.permission.READ_CONTENT_PROVIDER - Get GMail unread counts
- GET_ACCOUNTS - Get GMail accounts
- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - Get location for weather
- INTERNET - Get weather
- READ_CONTACTS - some devices need this for missed call updates
- VIBRATE - Test vibration patterns on your phone
- ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - Show current wifi information on your watch
- ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - Check if you are connected to the internet or not

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