Parrot Flower Power (Beta)

Parrot Flower Power (Beta)

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    Jul 25, 2014


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With Parrot Flower Power, anyone can have a green thumb. /!\ BETA VERSION /!\

A free dedicated App*
Download the Parrot Flower Power App on your Smartphone or Tablet. The application connects your Flower Power to the Parrot Cloud (via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi) where the data is analyzed. After the data is analyzed, you receive an alert in real time when one of your plants has special water, fertilizer, light or temperature needs. Follow the changes in your garden directly or simply consult Parrot’s vast but easy to use database.

Database of more than 6000 plants
Using the application, the user can select their plants from the database developed by botanists in the Parrot Cloud. More than 6000 varieties are listed and custom advice is given on maintaining each plant.

Real time monitoring
When you are near your Flower Power, you can use Live mode to check the light intensity, ambient temperature and soil humidity.

Bluetooth Smart
The data retrieved by the Parrot Flower Power is sent to your smartphone or tablet. How? The Parrot Flower Power is part of a new generation of devices embedding Bluetooth low energy technology which allows it to communicate with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices. Bluetooth Low Energy, integrated into the most recent Bluetooth version (v4.0), is the latest wireless technological standard which consumes very little energy and is therefore eco-friendly.

Compatible with energy-efficient Bluetooth® Smart Ready devices; compatible devices:

Nexus 7 (4.4+)
Nexus 4 (4.4+)
Nexus 5 (4.4+)
HTC One M7 (4.3+)
HTC One M8 (4.4+)
HTC One mini (4.4+)
HTC One max (4.4+)
Huawei Y530 (4.3+)
Moto E (4.4+)
Moto G (4.4+)
Moto X (4.4+)
Galaxy S3 (4.3+)
Galaxy S3 4G (4.3+)
Galaxy S4 (4.4+)
Galaxy S5 (4.4+)
Galaxy Note2 (4.3+)
Galaxy Note3 (4.4+)
Galaxy Grand 2 (4.3+)
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 (4.4+)
LG G2 (4.4+)
Xperia E1 (4.3+)
Xperia SP (4.3+)
Xperia Z1 (4.4+)
Xperia Z2 (4.4+)
Xperia ZR (4.4+)
Xperia Z Ultra (4.4+)
Motorola Droid Maxx (4.4+)

* Requires a Parrot Flower Power product to monitor your plants’ health. See points of sale on