Hero Siege

Hero Siege

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    Jul 3, 2015

Hero Siege Reviews

  • SGDjames


    Reviewed in 5 Star Games

    Hero Siege is an extremely well polished and unbelievably addictive dual-stick hack-and-slash roguelike-RPG. It comes from one of the best indie devs out there (Panic Art Studios) and this is quite likely their best game to date. This is a MUST MUST MUST download! Oh, and it's FREE so just do it!

  • Ashwin S

    Ashwin S

    Reviewed in Best Free RPGs

    Diablo-esque Hack N Slash Game. 3 Classes available to play (Viking, Marksman & Pyromancer).More characters & difficulties can be unlocked. Randomly generated levels, Crafted items. Need I say more? Spoke with the developer on Twitter, the current version may have some bugs. An update will be available soon. Also, they confirmed that the IAPs are totally optional.

  • keno carl reyes

    keno carl reyes

    Reviewed in Best apps that will make u Love your ANDROID MORE

    This is a best offline hack and slash game for you. Ps. Need a high end phone like gs4. Install for game addicts

  • Emillio Cortez

    Emillio Cortez

    Reviewed in The Android Gaming G€€k

    This awesome game provides waves after waves of enemies but Don't Worry you have 3 Heros to choose from one of them includes an awesome pyromancer

  • Félix Léveillé

    Félix Léveillé

    Reviewed in Best Android TV Games

    If you like Diablo and rogue-like games, you will completely love this game! Sound quality could be better but you can turn it off and listen to your music instead.

  • Jyri


    Reviewed in Best Undiscovered Games

    Kickass dual stick shooter with amazing pixel graphics.

  • kasuke urimusha

    kasuke urimusha

    Reviewed in Badass games with personal comment (daily updated)

    Like pixel games? Well this is a nice one, you can choose a class between: pyromaster, archer, warrior and some pay classes, the best is the makers of this game are very serious about suggestions and bugs reports so download it and play it I know you will like this badass game

  • Tai Hartman

    Tai Hartman

    Reviewed in Best games so far

    Fun game made by great developers


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- This game is recommended to be played on a TABLET using a MOGA controller or NVIDIA SHIELD. This is not designed for small phones or touch controlls!
- Multiplayer works best in Wi-Fi / 4G
- Hosting a game requires portforwarding for the port 6510
- The game is very heavy, older devices will have terrible FPS
- Get the game on STEAM if you want to really enjoy it The kingdom of Tarethiel has been taken over by creatures of hell. Your mission is to cleanse the kingdom and free the citizen from the agonizing wrath of the demon child called Damien. Grab your axe, bow, gun or magic powers and start purging the Gate Keepers and their minions!

Hero Siege is a gore filled Hack N Slash game with heavy Rogue-like elements. Choose a class and start your survival journey. Find secrets, obtain items, slay hordes of different enemies and bosses.

The gaming experience is boosted with Haptic Effects by Immersion!

Hero Siege is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.com

- Randomly generated levels, items, dungeons, bosses, secrets and events. Every game session you play is different!
- Over 100 unique crafted items that are either passive, usable or orbiting.
- Over 40 different enemies with the possibility to spawn as rare or elite with extra hp/damage and abilities, but dropping better loot and giving more exp!
- Over 50 Achievements to unlock!
- Many different perks to unlock!
- Customize your character!
- 3 Acts which all consist of 5 zones + lots of randomly generated dungeons!
- 3+ unlockable classes!
- 3 different difficulty levels to unlock!
- Tons of random! Start discovering all the wonderful secrets and content!
- Haptic Effects
- MOGA controller support
- NVIDIA Shield support

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Strong inspiration from games such as: Diablo -series, Binding of Isaac, Zelda -series, Minishcap, Every awesome roguelike game out there!