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Paltalk Video Chat Free

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Get the free Paltalk app and meet new people through livegroup video chat. Sing live karaoke, listen to music, join a lively political debate or play group trivia – choose from thousands of live chat rooms. Join our vibrant community with millions of members around the world! Upgrade to the AD-FREE version for just 99 cents here

Have an Android TABLET? Download Paltalk for Android Tablet here:

FREE & EASY - Join in seconds and start meeting new people right away. Sign up with your email or using your Facebook login.

MAKE FAST FRIENDS – Meet new people from across the globe or across the street.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION – 5,000 chat rooms live at all times. From aardvarks to zoology, chat about almost anything that interests you.

THREE’S A CROWD – Start a video call with three pals all at once, totally free.

SHOW YOUR FACE – Turn on your cam and broadcast video over 3G, 4G or WiFi

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