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chomp SMS

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    Oct 21, 2015

chomp SMS Reviews

  • Ankur Garg

    Ankur Garg

    Reviewed in Apps you wont uninstall

    You use gosms ? Its bulky. You use handscent ? Its ugly. You use pansi ? Its too basic. You use chomp ? I love you guys... Its the best sms app out here.

  • MakeUseOf


    Reviewed in The 100 Best Android Apps

    An alternative SMS application with its own optional SMS service for cheaper rates

  • Vjeko Jeršić

    Vjeko Jeršić

    Reviewed in Euphoria Apps

    Great and snappy way to send messages .

  • Jack Kenyon

    Jack Kenyon

    Reviewed in Apps to Install on Every New Device

    The most lightweight, yet still functionable, SMS replacement app. Manages MMS, has customizable notifications, interface, themes, and much more. And it's free!

  • Alex Abdo

    Alex Abdo

    Reviewed in Messaging Apps with Pop Up Replies

    Disclaimer: I have never used this app myself. But it seems to provide a lot of options for the popup with even an option to show it on the lockscreen. However, depending on your theme, it is not the prettiest popup.

  • Cecilia W.

    Cecilia W.

    Reviewed in *Android Must-have*

    I have recently switched to CHOMP SMS and I love it! Fast, clean, simple yet highly customisable. Unlike the other SMS apps this doesn't crash at all. Overall an awesome app. Downside: No search bar; Not Ad-free (pay to remove ad).

  • John Jb Bruce

    John Jb Bruce

    Reviewed in Communication Apps

    More interactive text app than the basic Android text app. Has blacklist to store numbers that can block annoying or unwanted messages. Allows customization of text view and conversation view with changing of colors from text, date, divider color, and background. Very fast app response time. For personal use I like Go SMS over chomp. But still a great app and very easily to learn.

  • Kanhai Naik

    Kanhai Naik

    Reviewed in Great Looking Apps with functionality to boot!

    An amazing replacement for the stock SMS app, now with a material design! Downloadable themes also available!

  • Rands Roid

    Rands Roid

    Reviewed in Rands Roid

    Wonderful app but I prefer the simplicity of Textra by the same devs....