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Minutely replaces vague forecasts like “40% chance of rain” with a specific prediction of the minute it will start and stop raining in the next two hours. We use real-time, high-resolution weather radar data to calculate a personal, per-minute forecast at your specific location! Praise for Minutely, and our previous app Ourcast:

“Ourcast reminds me of ‘Back to the Future 2 when Doc Brown can tell the precise moment that it will stop raining.” -Dan Rowinski, Read Write Web

“Ourcast aims to replace the weatherman with statistics and crowdsourcing.” -Sarah Kessler, Mashable

“Ourcast is social weather done right.” -Kevin Stout, 148Apps


Minutely is the first weather app to combine the power of crowdsourced reports with traditional weather forecasting data. This allows Minutely to not only provide users with the most accurate information possible, while allowing them to help refine the prediction, creating an incredibly accurate short-term, hyper-local weather forecast. Help us fix the weather.


Minutely also provides users with the world’s first mobile real-time 3D weather radar right on your phone. Accurately understand the size of what’s coming towards your area with our one of a kind volumetric information. You won’t find us massaging the data with pretty animations. We want to prepare you for what’s out there!


Minutely is a full featured weather app that gives you all the information you will need to make the right decisions when planning your daily excursion into the elements. Going for a run? Riding to work? Just want to know how hot its going to get and when? Check Minutely and plan your outdoor activities with confidence.

- 9 day (2+7) weather forecasts covering the continental USA
- Hyper-local 2 hour down to the minute weather forecasts for the continental USA.
- Night mode with moon-phase animation based on your location.
- Current temperature reading with high / low for the day.
- 24 hour temperature with chance of rain graph.
- Sunrise and sunset times.


Simply and easily report your weather conditions through the app’s main forecast screen. While making our weather predictions more accurate for everyone, you can also see all the reports by other users across the country. Share your reports with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to help your friends fight the elements outside the door.

You’re not out there alone. We’re solving weather together.