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Receive ads and offers tailored to your interests. That is really good. But what is really, really good, is that you get paid just for looking at them. Every time you look at an ad someone profits. MAKE IT YOU.

Here’s how it works:
-Download our free app and tell us what you like.
-We’ll send you only commercial messages that you’re interested in.
-You’ll get access to all our deals, goods, tickets and coupons.
-You share the revenue from the commercial messages

Your personal data is valuable and unlike other companies, we share the income generated by its use with you. Tell us what you like in your "Yoad" (your interests), we’ll send you a few messages a day based on those interests.

If you don’t like something, select “not interested” to update your profile so you won’t receive messages from that brand or category again. Qustodian gets smarter the more you use it.

Invite friends and build a network – you earn money when people in your network use Qustodian too.

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