Gunslugs Free

Gunslugs Free

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    Apr 11, 2014

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  • Androfox


    Reviewed in Games worth playing

    Metal slug clone with ironic dialogues, funny features, oversized mobs and loads of bullets ;)


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------------------- Gunslugs is the most chaotic, fun, arcade action game you'll find on any platform! Non-stop action from the guys behind Meganoid, Meganoid 2 and Stardash !

** FREE VERSION, Comes with advertising, if you hate that, please support us by buying the premium version without ads!

- “There’s so much praise I want to ramble on about, but I’ll leave it at this: Gunslugs is a game you must get your hands on” – Gamezebo

- Basically, it’s everything you could ask for from a rampaging action game, all packed up in a neat little mobile release with ample amounts of retro-style visuals, music and secrets.” – JayIsGames

- We grabbed a bunch of expendable action hero's from the 80s and we made them team up as the Gunslugs to fight the war against the always evil Black Duck Army. Can you save the planet? maybe even the universe?

* Random level generation - no 2 game sessions will be the same!
* Unlockable characters
* Thumping sound track
* Fun variation of weapons
* Tank driving!
* Jetpack flying!
* Secret levels
* Objectives/achievements
* Destruction
* Chaos
* Rain, snow, and big bad hell worms
* Wizards, princesses, geeks, voodoo priests and many more surprises... !

- Two player co-op mode is supported by use of the BT controllers, Wiimotes, OUYA controllers and more, check for more info


if you run into problems or the game wont work on your device, instead of just rating 1 star, you could help us fix it by providing feedback!

keywords - retro 2D platform action game 8bit pixelart

Xperia PLAY Optimized
MOGA controller supported
Green Throttle controller supported
NVidia Shield supported

Supports WiiMotes, and a host of bluetooth controllers, just connect and play!

+Google Play Game services

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