Onavo Count | Data Usage

Onavo Count | Data Usage

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Onavo Count is a stunning app with intuitive reporting to help you understand how you use mobile data. It also lets you compare how much data you use in specific apps to other people. Features
• Simple setup: Get going in seconds by setting your monthly cap and billing cycle
• You compared with everyone: See how your data use measures up to other people for each app
• Your data life: Understand how you use your data in categories that matter to you like music, maps and videos
• Real-time alerts: Know when you’re approaching your data limit and get an indication of where you stand in your current data cycle with notifications on your phone
• Onavo Extend integration: See how much data you’re saving with Onavo Extend right from the Onavo Count home screen

How it works
Onavo Count monitors and analyzes all types of mobile data and phone use. This includes background, foreground, and Wi-Fi use. To keep your battery from being drained, Onavo Count transfers and analyzes all of your mobile data use in the cloud.

Onavo Count supports hundreds of operators around the world, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, O2, Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, Three (3), Bell, Rogers, Claro, Telus, Virgin and Optus.

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