Xonix Blast Free

Xonix Blast Free

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    5,000 - 10,000
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    Mar 19, 2012


Xonix Blast is remake of popular Xonix game. Playing area is divided into two ones: dangerous nominal Sea with several monster-balls wandering inside and safe nominal Land. You control a device, which moved over a Sea with the goal of filling in the majority of this Sea area. Go over a clear Sea area, and cut off parts without the balls. Avoid the balls and don't let them cross the line of the cut. The line of the cut cannot cross itself either. Avoid contacts with the mines. You can move vertically or horizontally. Enemies go diagonally. FEATURES
— Several types of enemies
— 32 colorful levels (totally 96 in FULL version)
— Different bonuses including teleport and missile to destroy enemy balls.
— Assistant bot you can get to pass level easier.

— Flick necessary direction to go forward.
— Double tap to launch a missile.
— Long press is for teleportation.
— When you get missiles, destroy MOST dangerous enemies - red balls.

FULL AD-FREE version is also available. See "More from developer" section.