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Greenify Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    I haven't rooted my phone because I don't want to void my warranty (I know, I'm a wuss), but reviews say this app is miraculous, you know, water into wine, one day battery life into two day battery life. Sounds good to me.

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    If you're rooted you need Greenify. It hibernates apps which constantly run in the background and uselessly wake your phone up. Everything works smoothly then. Just don't greenify apps you need notifications for. For other root apps check out my new channel, don't wanna spam this channel with Root apps, many people are probably not rooted.

  • Arwin Neil Baichoo

    Arwin Neil Baichoo

    Reviewed in Advanced Android Experience

    More battery life. More memory. Has become an essential

  • Pan Wanqing

    Pan Wanqing

    Reviewed in useful, powerful or beautiful apps under 2M

    hibernates your apps and saves battery like a pro B) some fuctions are supported on unrooted device now :D

  • FHL09


    Reviewed in Best Root Required Apps!

    Another example of great use of root permissions, no longer do you have to freeze apps only to unfreeze them later when you want to use them, put them into hibernation instead. The app remains but won't run in the background using precious resources.


    Reviewed in Best Android Apps for rooted devices

    This app avoids unnecessary memory consumption by unnecessary apps and thus reduces power consumption too

  • Binary Pie

    Binary Pie

    Reviewed in BPie Review

    Por fin podrás ser capaz de cerrar esas aplicaciones en segundo plano que consumen bateria y datos (ejem ejem Facebook) por lo que tu móvil se sentirá diferente

  • keno carl reyes

    keno carl reyes

    Reviewed in Best apps that will make u Love your ANDROID MORE

    For rooted phones- this app lets u hibernate app(that is their term) freeze any app that hogs battery and slow your device.

  • Andhika Pramudya

    Andhika Pramudya

    Reviewed in DK ZONE

    Must have apps !! , real battery saver *root needed*

  • Simon John

    Simon John

    Reviewed in Best Apps of 2013

    It now works on non rooted phones