Nudge - Smart Health Tracking

Nudge - Smart Health Tracking

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Nudge brings health and fitness tracking together in one app, with one score. Connect Nudge with your favorite health tracking apps and wearables like RunKeeper, Moves, Fitbit, and more to see how your Nudge Factor stacks up against your friends. Regardless of the aspects of your health and fitness you're most interested in, Nudge provides a way to compare any quantified-selfer, analyzing your hydration, nutrition, exercise and sleep to determine your overall health score. Connect your apps, connect with friends, and join the movement to create a single health score, and a single feedback system for your healthy lifestyle.

- New to the quantified self? No problem! Nudge includes a simple, manual logger to complement your synced apps.

- The Nudge Factor Dashboard gives you a running 30-day aggregate score, for clear visual feedback on how healthy and balanced your recent habits have been.

- Join the Clubs that fit your interests, and post to support and motivate your co-Nudgers!