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Javelin Browser Reviews

  • V


    Reviewed in Form+Function

    From the indie developer who brought you Jerky Browser (now called Javelin Incognito, spoiling my quip about Slim Jims) comes Javelin Browser, a beautiful gesture-based browser. It comes loaded with ad-block, incognito mode, and reading mode, in an attempt to become the perfect browser for mobile users. So far, I'm pretty convinced.

  • Thomas Unterkircher

    Thomas Unterkircher

    Reviewed in A beautiful and improved Android experience

    Great new web browser. It offers built in ad-blocking, a mobilizer view to display only text from websites (great for reading articles), incognito mode and for an additional fee you can use a proxy to unblock websites (e.g. circumvent local restrictions).

  • Matthew Hancock

    Matthew Hancock

    Reviewed in Awesome Android - updated regularly

    This has been my browser of choice for some time but the new 'stacks' feature blows the others out of the water. It's like a chat head that tells you when your link is ready to view. Hard to explain but it costs nothing to try it out so give it a go.

  • Paulina Javiera

    Paulina Javiera

    Reviewed in Promising Browser Apps

    Pros: Simple. For people who doesn't expect much of a browser this one would be ideal, a very nice UI, bookmarks easy to find, has built-in ad block and incognito mode. Cons: no speed dial, no further add-ons.

  • Cathlyn Ng

    Cathlyn Ng

    Reviewed in Beautiful and functional apps

    The one and only browser that I've found that has ad blocking built into it. One of my favorite app to open links with from facebook and emails.

  • Jaden Pleasants

    Jaden Pleasants

    Reviewed in Perfection weekly

    A nice, kitkat oriented browser that looks and runs great.

  • Ulas Gunay

    Ulas Gunay

    Reviewed in Enhancers and Simplifiers

    A strange browser with built in adblock and VPN (first 30 days free then has a reasonable monthly fee) that you can throw around, tap on it to view the page, tap again to turn it into a bubble floating over your screen not intercepting in any way with your business down there.

  • Rudy Samuel

    Rudy Samuel

    Reviewed in Best free apps without obstrusive ads

    Fast and light browser that cares a lot about UI and UX. It's not #holoyolo but it's beautiful. Still in early stage so it will be continuously improved.


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Javelin is a GORGEOUS Android browser focused on the MOBILE experience of surfing the web. ★ #1 mobile browser with BUILT-IN ADBLOCK
★ First Android browser with READING MODE (Similar to Readability/Pocket app)
★ TRUE-MULTITASKING with Javelin Stack

Just these first 3 features will be enough to sell a browser to Barack Obama. But that is just the icing on the delicious browser that Javelin is. Here are the other things Javelin is capable of:

● Quick navigation via touch gestures
● Translucent status bars and navigation bars (KitKat only)
● Intelligent bookmarks (Bookmarks are sorted based on frequency of use)
● Built-in Proxy Services (In-app subscription required)
● Incognito mode (Private browsing)
● App opens immediately (Fast start times)
● HOLO (because YOLO)


● (Permission) Location access - Disabled by default. This is for websites that require your location (Think Google Maps, or Google Local Search). It can be enabled/disabled in settings.

● (Permission) Accounts - Used only 1 time. This is for contact purposes. Should the need arises, the developer (myself) needs to know which account to send an email to.

● (Permission) Billing - For in-app purchase, see the next point.

● (Permission) System Alert Window - For Javelin Stack

● (Permission) READ_PHONE_STATE - To close Javelin Stack when Stack Browsers are open

● (Permission) GET_TASKS - For the upcoming Javelin Stack blacklisting feature

● (In app Subscription) Including a 30 day trial, Javelin requires an in-app subscription to enable its built-in proxy service for censorship bypass.