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    Jan 27, 2015


Normal thinks you’re special. Not just you, but also your ears. When it comes to earholes, one size fits none. Normal is an entirely new kind of earphone designed by you and personalized to the nooks and crannies of your ears. Download the app to capture your ears, customize your Normals, and place your order. Every ear is different, but has been treated the same - until now. Consider the earhole conquered. How does it work?
-The Normal app will guide you through taking photos of your ears via your phone’s front camera
-Customize the funk out of your Normals, choosing among countless design configurations
-Use the app to place and track your order, and prep your earholes for your personal ear hug
-Your Normals will be 3D printed and assembled based on your unique set of ears and customization choices - all in our NYC factory for an all-inclusive price of $199.

What’s Normal?
When confronted with the kajillion ear options - large tragus? narrow concha? - we did what any unsensible person might do: make something that won’t work for anyone but you. Never before have your ears received such individual attention. And why not? Your ears are distinct sound caves, taking in music, speech, car horns, cat meows and a million other sonic textures. Here’s to a perfect fit.

Why Normal?
To us, putting a mediocre one-size-fits-all product into the intimate and one-of-a-kind spaces on either side of our our heads is no longer acceptable. There’s probably someone else in the world who looks like you, has the same name and the same weird fetish for hairy scottish men, but we guarantee if we stuck a finger in their ear, it would be completely unique. Once you try Normal, you will finally listen the way your ears intended. You’ll start to see earbuds as hurtful pebbles. And headphones as hot ungainly earmuffs.
Nothing will sound the same again. Cheers to your ears.