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My Car Locator Free is the easiest to use free car locator in the Google Play Store, with all essential information displayed at all times. MyCar Locator uses your GPS to remember where you park with the push of just one button and guides you back to your car easily. Never again forget where you have parked!

Also great for remembering the location of your hotel, camping spot, trail head, boat ramp, bus stop or any other location you would like to easily return to later.


David on January 13, 2012
"Worked perfect!
Went to see a concert in a round venue. If you exit out the wrong door, as I always do, your screwed and it takes forever to find your car as eveything looks the same. This app worked perfectly! All we had to do was follow the arrow and we found our car with no problem. Would definitely recommend it."

Mike on December 17, 2011
"nearly perfect.
A great app for everyone that gets turned around in a parking lot. Never loose your car again. The compass needs a little work, but the map will guide you directly to your car. Easy to use and understand, and doesn't use a lot of battery life."

Marc on March 8, 2012
"Awesome app!
If you've ever come out of a stadium and thought "where is my car?", this app is for you. Simply click park before you leave your car and it will guide you back after the game or concert."

--Please make sure your phone's GPS is turned on!--

Keep in mind it is highly unlikely that your phone will be able to get a GPS signal inside any building, including a house or parking garage.

-This app is best used outdoors!

Great to use when:
-Parking in a big city
-Large lots, airport, college campus, theme park, etc.
-Parking in an unfamiliar area
-Parking at a sporting event, convention, concert, etc.

Not just for locating your parked car, My Car Locator Free is also great to remember locations for camping, hiking, boating and many other outdoor activities.

Also great for exploring new places on foot; store your hotel, train or bus stop, that cool place you just found and will want to return to later, whatever!

-Arrow points you to car's location
-Easily choose between feet, yards, and meters
-Store detailed notes about your car's location
-Remembers how long you have been parked
-Provides walking directions back to your car's location
-Choose between map or satellite view
-Two ways to store your location(Press the 'P' in the bottom-right corner, or just double tap on the map)
-Current GPS accuracy shown in real-time

--Please make sure your phone's GPS is turned on!--

Keep in mind it is highly unlikely that your phone will be able to get a GPS signal inside any building, including a house or parking garage.
-This app is best used outdoors!

-May not be compatible with Motorola Cliq

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