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    Dec 17, 2013

Nightmarium Reviews

  • Pablo Haro

    Pablo Haro

    Reviewed in Point and click adventures

    just for fun!

  • App Junkie

    App Junkie

    Reviewed in Halloween Spirit

    Tap and slice your way through a myriad of nightmarish creatures in this beautifully illustrated world in an effort to protect the little sleeping girl from her own dreams.

  • T. Fergason

    T. Fergason

    Reviewed in Modern and Sci-Fi Horror

    Fun little frantic reaction game. Keep the nightmare monsters from waking the little girl. All the tapping and swiping can get repetative, but it's a good simple time waster with impressive artwork.

  • Carmela Pedinni

    Carmela Pedinni

    Reviewed in Games for low end phones!

    Don't let the nightmares scare the little girl. Use teddy bears and flashlights to keep them away. Also tap and slice! Has a neat background music and great animations and scenario. Easily enjoyable. Rating: 8/10 cookies. Lag: A bit.