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DroidDream Malware Patch

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I originally wrote this app in about 30 minutes, but have since added features and made it a bit more visually appealing. It lists the files in /system and /system/bin. It will tell you if /system/bin/profile exists.

It now also searches for apps with names matching reported infected app names. I did read that Google pulled the plug on those apps, so you may not even need this, but it can't hurt to try. It's free.

It's crude, and will only "patch" an uninfected rooted phone by placing an empty file named "profile" into /system/bin which according to the people at AndroidPolice.com and forum.xda-developers.com is the simplest way to block the DroidDream trojan from working.

I have very little knowledge of this malware, I'm just going by what was said on these two websites. I haven't tested the program to see if it really blocks the malware on a rooted phone, so if you try it, and find that it works, please let me know!

This app can still help you even if your phone is not rooted.

If /system/bin/profile exists, it will will say "/system/bin/profile exists!". If you have run no other patch, and this is the first time you have run this app, the "profile" file may be from DroidDream, in which case you may want to start shopping around for software that can detect and remove DroidDream.

If /system/bin/profile does not exist, it will try to create it, and since your phone isn't rooted, it will say "/system/bin/profile can not be created!" I can't assure you that you are uninfected, but I believe this would be one indicator that you're safe for now. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

I'm sure within a day or two there will be plenty of patches for this problem, but until then, hopefully this little app will give you the info you need.

I'm not an expert on this malware/trojan horse. I read up on it, took what I learned and wrote an app to see if the file existed.

I figured I'd post it so others can use it to figure out where they stand as well.

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