TasKarou Launcher Overlay

TasKarou Launcher Overlay

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    Sep 7, 2013


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TasKarou is an open source multitasking launcher overlay. Taking inspiration from the 'Quick Controls' feature in the android browser, TasKarou provides a multitasking layer on top of a launcher.

By swiping anywhere on the left or right edge of the device screen, you can activate TasKarou's UI.
It gives you access to a quick, smooth, and intuitive interface to facilitate app launch, transition, and management for the user

The user interface brings a more responsive, and enjoyable level of interaction to your device.

To use TasKarou, set it as the default home launcher, and from TasKarou's settings, select the actual home launcher you want to overlay.
TasKarou user interface is then triggered by swiping from either the left of right edge of your tablet screen, while still allowing access to the overlaid home launcher through the home button.

The source code is available @ https://bitbucket.org/ne0fhyk/taskaroulauncher