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Wordspionage is a multiplayer, turn-based word game with exciting spy moves that will drive your friends crazy.

Use Special Operations to elevate your word game strategy:
- Cover ID: Add a blank tile to your hand to make stronger words.
- Surveillance: Spy on your opponent’s letters to anticipate their next move.
- Misdirection: Shuffle the multipliers to confuse your opponents.
- Switch: Give one of your letters to an opponent and get their best letter in return.
- Flash Bomb: Destroy the multipliers for one turn to stop opponents from using them.
- Sabotage: Throw a wrench in your opponent’s gears and make them lose half of their last turn score.
- Double Agent: Activate a sleeper agent who will steal half of your opponent’s last turn score and give it to you.
Play against 2-4 friends per game, and play up to 30 games simultaneously. Pick standard placement of multipliers or random placement of multipliers. Choose the time limit and word guess limit per turn. Win games and play Mission Words to spin Bonus Wheels.

Here’s what the media is saying about Wordspionage, the exciting new turn-based strategy word game:

"If you're a fan of multiplayer word games, Wordspionage will give you an alternate take with plenty of new ways to make your friends crazy."
- Phil Hornshaw, Appolicious
"...Wordspionage is welcome break from the monotony of other, similar games and at the same time offers something completely new."
-Tom Dawson, Android Headlines
"...mess up your opponent in a series of ingenious and frustrating ways..."
- Jeremiah Rice, Android Police
"...plenty of innovative features to test and tease your word building and strategic skills..."
- Adeline Gear, AndroidShock
"...it is a breath of fresh air to crosswords, seriously, Napland Games managed to innovate CROSSWORDS."
- Alan Horgan, The Arcade

**** If you are upgrading from Wordspionage FREE, uninstall the free app to make sure you do not accidentally use it and see ads. If you log into the paid version the same way you did with the free version (same code name, password, Facebook account, etc.), your current Player Profile and all of your current and pending games will be downloaded (as well as some recently completed games, if any). ****