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OverSkreen is the best floating browser on Android! With OverSkreen, you can do multiple tasks at the same time! You don't have to switch from one application to another anymore. OverSkreen Browser can live on top of your screen! You can check a video on the right side of your screen and write a message at the same time!


View and interact with multiple screens at once. OverSkreen enables true multi-tasking.

● Features :
★ Floating browser: you can move, resize or minimize your browser
★ Adobe Flash support (*)
★ Tabbed browsing
★ Private browsing (*)
★ Access to your bookmarks/history
★ Built-in Desktop/iPhone/iPad/Honeycomb/Froyo user-agent
★ Suggest-while-typing URL bar
★ Quick Hide (double tap the title bar)
★ Chrome keyboard shortcuts
★ Bookmarks folder support (*)
★ Synchronisation of your Chrome Bookmarks (**)

* Android 3.0 and above
** Android 4.0 and above

● Known limitations
- On Android version 2.2.x / 2.3.x only, Adobe Flash plugin doesn't support floating applications and may crash. This is an Adobe bug. Some customers reported it as working though. Please upgrade your device to Android 3.0/4.0 or above. Please note that mobile version of YouTube doesn't requires Flash at all.

★ ★ ★ If you have any question on the app, send us an email: support@myboyfriendisageek.com. We respond personally to every single email we receive ★ ★ ★

★ Can I watch YouTube ?
Sure. You can do whatever you do with your stock browser.

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