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The best place to find and share original recipes. Over 150,000 easy to follow recipes submitted by fellow cooks like you.
A unique and social cooking environment where people post recipes and pictures.

After cooking your recipe, other people can post the photo of their own attempt and others can comment.

A lot of recipes also note which other recipe on the site inspired the poster to come up with theirs.
This is what makes the site unique - you can follow a complete genealogy of a recipe, and keep on discovering new variations on themes. The recipes themselves don't need to be anything fancy, and that’s another reason why the site is unique. It gives a look into what real people are making for their families at home.

It's the best place to share and find recipes.

Easily search for recipes just by saying ingredients you have and discover great dishes!

Start cooking at home!
We have helped many people to live healthier and discover the taste of real food.
Browse the free recipes for inspiration.

Tons of things to choose from; including main dishes, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups, stews and diet recipes.

Join the fun recipes community!
Find recipes for cooking what you have in the fridge by typing the singular ingredient.

App Features:
- Complete recipes directions, ingredients and reviews.
- Search recipes by food title or ingredients.
- Timeline to see what my friends are cooking and sharing.
- Bookmark recipes for quick access. Just like a cookbook.
- Sharing of recipes to: email, facebook and others.
- Sharing and send web links from Cookpad so your friends can see your recipes.
- Create your own recipes; share with friends and community.

Our app and site has already helped millions of people to:
- Have a more healthy food menu for free.
- Talk with a community of people with the same food tastes.
- Discover new recipes and cook great food. Even if you're in a diet.
- Impress with great meals.
- Find food that fits their diet, including: diabetic, baby food, vegetarian and gluten free.

App makes it easy to find Holidays recipes. Including Easter, Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving with turkey recipes.

Share and search recipes from the website too! You can access the recipes anytime even without your phone or tablet.

Cookpad is even available in other languages besides English: Spanish, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese!

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