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Call Actions

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Reply to your calls, send a message or create a new contact with just 1 click! Call Actions helps you be organized. Create reminders that will be shown during your calls. Never forget to say what matters!

Decide if someone really needed to contact you. Call Actions can also notify you about the missed calls ring time length.

Instantly start using it with your contacts! Call Actions integrates seamlessly with the stock Android Contacts application.

Advanced actions like sharing the contact’s VCard, making a Google search about an unknown phone number or creating an alarm associated to a contact are also possible.

Call Actions has a friendly and highly customizable interface inspired by Metro UI.

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- Call info including ring time for received and missed calls
- 1-click actions after a call:
o Copy the call details in the system clipboard
o Call back
o Send an SMS
o View the contact or add a new number to the contacts list
o Send an email. In case the contact has an email, the application will use it
o Share the contact details with its VCard if available. Id set the application can only share the details as plain text.
o Make a Google search of the phone number, which may be helpful to research unknown numbers
o Create a reminder associated to the contact or phone number:
• Reminders can be shown during the calls with the contact. The opacity and position can be configured in the application settings
• Reminders can be set to have an alarm. The alarm ringtone can be configured in the app settings
• Activating the sticky notification option makes the alarm always present in the notification bar until it is triggered
• All the reminders can be managed through an option in the app settings
o Create a Google Calendar event using the contact info. Only for Android 4.0 or later
o Additional actions based on the installed application using the call details: share the details, create a text file or write a note
- The app is completely configurable:
o 2 sizes: Large and Small
o Select the color of each action or let the app choose random colors each time
o The app can be deactivated for 0 second or missed calls
o The actions can be configured to disappear after a certain time
o The in-call reminder can be configured to be shown until the end of the call or disappear after some time
- The app integrates with the stock Android contacts app provided the synchronization is activated
- Several notification options:
o Show a shortcut of the last call actions
o Show notifications including the missed call duration so you can decide if the contact really wanted to contact you