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Movie App HD is the ultimate movie discovery app on Google Play right now. What this app allows you to do is search for movies, check their ratings, in depth reviews, screenshots, trailers, actors, director, writers, release dates, similar movies, bassicly all the information you would expect of a movie discovery application.

Also be sure to check out the different top lists like: New Movies, Top Rentals, Box Office, Now in Theaters and Upcoming DVDs

But you can't only search by movie title you can also search by actor, writer or director for movies. Say you lost the title of that awesome film Brad Pitt stars in. No problem just search for 'Brad Pitt' in Movie App HD and check out the movies he played in.

- When you are registered with our servers, we will keep your History for you. Also you will be able to add movies to your personal watchlist.
- Download backdrops

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