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How would you look as a zombie?! What about your friends?
ZombieBooth is a fun way to instantly make your face into a 3D, animated zombie!
- ZombieBooth makes any 2D portrait fully 3D
- Create a huge collection of 3D, animated zombies from photos of you and your friends
- Choose from several zombie variations to pinpoint your undead doppelgänger

- Zombies will blink, scowl, and breath!
- Hear them growl and frenzy
- They’ll even try to ravage your finger if you get too close!

- Capture portraits to zombify on any camera equipped Android
- Share zombie images via Email

For more info, to ask a question directly, or to just share your zombies, come visit us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ZombieBooth) or Twitter @ZombieBooth.

WARNING: This app contains frequent use of horror images that may not be suitable for children or the faint-hearted!

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