CellMaps Mobile Coverage

CellMaps Mobile Coverage

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    Jul 13, 2015


With CellMaps Mobile Coverage, you can quickly map network coverage by operator and technology on your Android device. This application does not use crowd-sourced data or your device's current signal strength for displaying cellular information; it provides a view of each operator's marketed coverage area and the ability to check and compare networks in the premium version. - Determine which operator is best for you by visualizing 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE and Roaming coverage information for the largest operators in the United States.
- You can perform an address search or geolocate your device to view a map of the mobile network technologies that are available in your area of interest.
- The “Insights” feature provides a dynamic stream of global intelligence about the mobile industry.

Why should I spend $1.99 per year to upgrade to the premium version of CellMaps Mobile Coverage?
- The premium version provides mobile network coverage intelligence at the street level versus a less detailed market view in the free version.
- You can view and compare the mobile network coverage maps of multiple operators at the same time.
- The coverage check feature is enabled that lets you quickly compare – by operator and technology – what networks should be available at a given location.

The information used in this application is based on marketed network coverage information and does not guarantee service availability. Actual service availability may vary due to weather, terrain, foliage, buildings, equipment, and other factors.

The application requires access to mobile or Wi-Fi data networks. Standard usage fees for data transfer apply.

If you are having issues with address search or geolocation, please try rebooting your device. There is a known issue related to Google Play updates on some devices which may cause location services to fail until the device has been restarted.

Coverage was updated on 7/13/15 to include recent mobile network expansions. This update includes:
-T-Mobile LTE coverage will be displayed in the application, rather than just a list of cities in which it was available.
- Various user interface updates to better blend with the newer design aesthetic.
- The date in which coverage was updated is available from within the "About" section of the application.
- The coverage patterns were updated in correspondence with this release. Moving forward, the coverage layers will continue to be updated in a way in that will not required an app update.